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the idea was born.

As owners of restaurant littlefrench in the Westbury Park neighbourhood of Bristol, and always having access to the best quality foods through long standing local suppliers, we’ve always known the shorter the chain between food producer and plate the better.

During the Covid-19 lockdown we were, like so many, forced to close our restaurant and in a bid to keep our suppliers going and our business alive, we turned our restaurant into a shop.

The idea for Littleshop & Pantry was born. Through daily contact with our customers, and the strong demand to see us carry on with this endeavour we decided to follow the idea to fruition. We took over the premises at 66 Northumbria Drive and opened on December 12th 2020.

bunch of vegetables on a chopping board
Fishbox (frozen) from littlefrench. Bristol

66 Northumbria Drive

Bristolian & Proud

At 66 Northumbria Drive, Westbury Park Littleshop and Pantry is a space for curated food buying,  either to be consumed on site or to take away. It’s a place to sit indoors or outdoors for a great cup of coffee or glass of wine, a small bite to eat or something more substantial, just minutes from the Downs. Always fresh, always delicious, never reheated or left over from the previous day.

LSP has an on-site bakery where we bake fresh breads and pastries, cakes and savoury treats daily, as well as a daily changing array of fresh salads and sandwiches. We make and churn our own ice cream, prepare hot dishes on the plancha by our chefs in our kitchen for both lunch and dinner service (12 -3 // 5 -9). We offer our ever popular click-and-collect food box scheme, including fruit and veg boxes, meat boxes, fresh or frozen fish boxes (both available according to your preference), and our own award winning Buxton & Bird pies (either single variety box of 6 pies or mix of six). We also offer click and collect LSP BBQ Box and LSP Picnic Box, tailored to your taste and preference on either. Click Here for details.

Our own LSP coffee is of the highest quality sourced and roasted right here in Bristol by local coffee roasters Extract Coffee, ground and brewed to perfection by our formally trained LSP baristas.


scrupulously curated

Along with our food offering we have a homeware shopping area, which includes crockery, glassware, wicker, linens, gifts and stationary.

Freddy’s scrupulously curated wine selection caters to all tastes and budgets, as well as a varied and exciting selection of craft beers from the local area and beyond, some of these are currently unavailable anywhere else in Bristol.

This is the kind of place we have longed to see here in Westbury Park and hopefully you will too. We believe whole heartedly in supporting local business and bringing people back to independent shops, not through obligation but purely through desire, due simply to an enhanced and more enjoyable food and drink experience.

bunch of vegetables on a chopping board
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